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Comedy Cruise Party With 

The Florida Comedy Network Crew

90  Minutes of Interactive Group

     Fun and Stand-Up Comedy   


To get your guests in the mood, upbeat music plays before the show. We’ve got our own Bluetooth double speaker sound system to run music and special effects. Facility layout permitting, there’s a cruise ship backdrop to set the scene and give your guests a photo op. And if your venue needs performer lighting, we’ve got you covered. 

The horn sounds and the Captain announces the ship is about to set sail.  A cruise activity director and an assistant leads your group’s evening of fun starting with the “Majority Rules“ game where everyone can participate as part of a team. Whoever turns in their team’s answers better not be late or they pay a penalty that’s fun to watch. Depending on show venue and group factors, laugh at the “Love and Marriage Game” or “The Battle of the Sexes." Photos and Videos Allowed.

Is there a comedian in the house? Yes, there is. And no night at sea is finished until disco fever infects the crowd. Hmm…those people up front look suspiciously like folks from the audience! When the evening ends, your guests take home fun memories without ever getting seasick.

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