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Library group 061822

Tim Boyd, Jeff Gerbino, Kathy McSteen, and Gordon Meyer at The Library Comedy Room, 4 Points Sheraton, Punta Gorda, FL 6 18 2022

me at Visani

Kathy McSteen at Visani's Comedy Theater 6 14 2022

group common grounds cruise

Jeff Klein, Dr. Kerry, Kathy McSteen and Perry Edenburn at Common Grounds, North Port 5 22 22

website and instagram size cruise comedy

Comedy Cruise Party Night at Common Grounds In North Port 5 -22-22

group shot

Judith Pernel, Spike Salzer, Sonya White, Wendi Scianna, and Kathy McSteen in "Love is Funny" at Lemon Bay Playhouse.

Instagram size love is funny lemon bay
Sonya solo

Sonya White performing in Love Is Funny 2 -19 -22

your funny valentine group shot

Mike and Jacqueline Wands, Kathy McSteen, Harley Worthit, Tara Zimmerman and Lynn Lane- Your Funny Valentine Performers

Harley Solo

"Harley Worthit", 2-14 22

My Funny Valentine 2 14 22 poster draft

My Funny Valentine 2-14 22 at The Charlotte Players: Another Sold Out Show!

AA Both Shows WOC poster

Women of Comedy III: Lemon Bay Playhouse - 2 Sold Out Shows August 7, 2021

Firehouse ruskin

Kathy McSteen at the Ruskin Performing Arts Center 2021

women of comedy III group_edited

Michelle Krajecki, Tara Zimmerman, Kathy McSteen, and Leslie Norris Townsend; Women Of Comedy III 8-2021 Lemon Bay Playhouse

Curtain Call

Grandma's Murder Club By Kathy McSteen: Cast 6/19/2021 at Lemon Bay Playhouse. Tyler Colfer, Logan Light, Gene Callan, Trish Campbell, Judy Glynn, and Judy Tilley.

Happy Birthday 2020 Common Grounds

Happy Birthday 2020 - January 3, 2020 at Common Grounds North Port with Lynn Lane, Kathy McSteen, Sheila Reagan, and John Carfi

Dublin' Over Laughin'

The Dublin' Over Laughin' Crew - March 14,2020, Common Grounds' last pre-pandemic show featuring RJ Malloy, Harry Moses, Kathy McSteen, Angela Nacca, Mike Murillo, and Vien Phommachanh

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts as the Sarasota Classic Car Museum 11/2019 with Lynn Lane, Dan Gierlach, Spike Salzer, Tara Zimmerman and Kathy McSteen.

Two funny sat group photo

The "Two Funny" Crew Sept 28 2019. Kathy McSteen, Wendi Scianna, Scott Novotny, Torey Adkins, Lynn Lane, and "Harley Worthit" at Lemon Bay Playhouse.


"Two Funny" crew Sept 29 2019: Kathy McSteen, Kaiti McCoy, Dan Gierlach, John Carfi, Gloria Bandy, and Perry Edenburn.

Sandy-Toes Stand-Up Comedy Show

At the Venice Performing Arts Center 8/10/19 in Sandy-Toes Stand-Up with Spike Salzer, JJ Curry, Gid Pool, Kathy McSteen, Logan Light, Tara Zimmerman, and Natasha Samreny

Sandy-Toes Stand-Up Comedy Show
j j curry

J.J. Curry gettin' tropical at Sandy-Toes Stand-Up

group 4 on stage with fabio and flabio b

"Whatta Mom!" Show, May 11, 2019 Common Grounds, North Port FL

sea towers

Dan Gierlach, Spike Salzer, Brent Savard, and Kathy McSteen, Sea Towers St. Pete show March 2019

Are You Experienced group shot

"Are You Experienced?" show line up--- Rosco Nash, Dan Gierlach, Tara Zimmerman, Lynn Lane, Steve Hefler, Kathy McSteen, Jackie Wands, Mike Wands, Gid Pool

sharp nails group with ID

Sharp Nails Show - Sarasota, Kaiti McCoy, Tara Zimmerman, Christina Ali, Lynn Lane, Kathy McSteen, Katy Styles, Christina Foreman, Emily Harris, Natasha Samreny

Shipwreck Danc 9 2017 poster
Logan at Pioneer days on stage

Logan Light At Englewood Pioneer Days Festival

end of show all but me

Women of Comedy 2018, Lemon Bay Play House

Heather Campese & Clark Brooks

Heather Campese and Clark Brooks, "Whatta Mom!" Show

tim on stage set - Copy

Tim Chirikalov, "Whatta Mom!" Show

J J Curry Hand out

J J Curry, "Old Hands Vs. Young Guns," Common Grounds, March 2019

rosco 1

Rosco Nash, "Are You Experienced" Show

end of show babs 1.1

Babs Vitale, "Women of Comedy" 2018

gid pool

Gid Pool, "Are You Experienced?" Shows, 2018-2019

spike venice mobile home park_edited

Spike Salzer, Venice Municipal MH Park NY PA Club Night

JB4 -023_edited

Kaiti McCoy, "Sharp Nails Show" Sarasota Feb 2019

gid pool at are you experienced

Gid Pool, "Are you Experienced" Common Grounds

Daniel Watkins

Daniel Watkins, "Old Hands vs Young Guns" 2019

logan on stage_edited

Logan Light, Magician and Comedian, "Old Hands vs Young Guns."

Aniria on stage

Aniria Medrano Turney, "Whatta Mom!" Show

"Whatta Mom!" crowd at Common Ground
Dan Joint_edited_edited

Dan Gierlach, Kathy McSteen "Are You Experienced?"

JB4 -015

Christina Ali, "Sharp Nails Show."

Bryan Hamilton from You Tube

Bryan Hamilton, "Old Hands vs Young Guns"

JB4 -026

Katy Styles, "Sharp Nails" Show

Josh U broad shot smile

Josh Ulmaniec, "Old Hands vs Young Guns"

are you experienced curtain call

"Are You Experienced?" Gang

mama nonna 6

Babs Vitale, "Women of Comedy" 2018

kathy set 3

Kathy McSteen, "Women of Comedy" 2018

Jackie and Mike Wands_edited

Jackie and Mike Wands, "Are You Experienced?" show

women of comedy group vpac 2017

Sonya Gray, Haley Jordan, Kathy McSteen, Tay Tufenkjian, "Women of Comedy" Venice Performing Arts Center 2017

Women of Comedy Wonder Woman

Kathy McSteen, hosting Women of Comedy 2017 Venice PAC

tara set 2

Tara Zimmerman, "Women of Comedy" 2018

Nancy Gardner_edited

Nancy Gardner, NY PA Night, Venice Municipal MH Park

Emily Harris Sharp Nails_edited_edited

Emily Harris, "Sharp Nails Show" 2019

Christina Foreman sharp nails

Christina Foreman, "Sharp Nails" 2019

Lynn 2

Lynn Lane, "Are You Experienced?" 2018

logan hat_edited

Logan Light hosting "Old Hands vs. Young Guns"

Logan and kathy Pioneer days

Logan Light, Kathy McSteen, Englewood Pioneer Days Shipwreck Dance Day show

Lynn Lane and Kathy Pioneer days

Lynn Lane, Kathy McSteen, Englewood Pioneer Days Show

JB4 -037

Natasha Samreny, "Sharp Nails Show"

skit dan and jackie 4

Daniel Cole, Jacqueline Wands, "Women of Comedy" 2018

more gauze

Steve Hefler, Kathy McSteen, "Are You Experienced?" 2018-19


Jacqueline and Mike Wands, "Are You Experienced?" 2018-2019

kathy sea towers

Kathy McSteen, Sea Towers Show, 2019

tara on stage - Copy

Tara Zimmerman, "Whatta Mom!" Show

comedy for cause crowd

Comedy For A Cause, Port Charlotte Players, Sept 2018 crowd

comedy for a cause logo

Comedy For A Cause Show, Port Charlotte, Sept 2018

comedy for a cause 9 2018

Kathy McSteen "Comedy for A Cause, 2018"

Sandy Toes Group


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